Since May of 1994, when Issue #1 of The Alpha Centaurian was published we have come a long way. What started out as a few stapled together xeroxed pages has blossomed into a magazine formatted issue which even went color in Issues 9 and 11. It is our goal to serve the Lost In Space community with a magazine that attempts to cover as many aspects of Lost In Space as possible.


Issue#1..... Just a few stapled together pages, nevertheless, interesting pages.

Issue#2.....A few more pages than issue one, together with a separate color photo (4x6) of one of the Jupiter 2's flight consoles.

Issue#3....Still bigger but mainly text, this issue included a separate 4x6 color photo of the center radar console (You know, the one added at the start of season two with the Mercedes emblem).

Issue#4 (Summer, 1995)....Here it starts, our magazine format!!. This issue featured numerous photos, an article pertaining to Guy Williams' untimely death, people who have built their own LIS robots, a fans LIS pistol collection, the cockpit's radar panel today (as well as when it was used on the Batman set) and much much more.

Issue#5 (Fall/Winter 1995)....This was our first double issue. This glossy covered issue focused on more of the Lost In Space sets and where they are now. The pilot "No Place To Hide" and "The Reluctant Stowaway" were showcased as well as very rare photos.

Issue#6 (Spring 1996).....The main focus of this issue was the December 1995 convention held in Boston. Tons of great behind the scenes photos from the convention as well as more prop photos are here too. "The Derelict" and "Island In The Sky" are showcased as well.

Issue#7 (Summer 1996)....This issue primarily focused on "There Were Giants In The Earth" as well as "The Hungry Sea" with photos that most probably were never seen before by most fans.

Issue#8 (Fall/Winter 1996)....This double issue, our biggest to date covered Lost in Space on the internet, Lost in Space on CD, the episodes "Welcome Stranger" and "My Friend, Mr. Nobody" as well as photos from Election 1996 on ABC News which used all of the Lost In Space props from the power core (Space Creature). We show truly remarkable photos of it being used on the series and on ABC's Election night coverage (David Brinkley right in front of them), and Lost in Space fan's achievements.

Issue#9 (Spring 1997)....Our first issue with a beautiful front and back color cover which shows Jonathan Harris at a recent Texas convention sitting in front of an original Jupiter 2 flight console. Photos from this convention as well as profiles from "Invaders From The Fifth Dimension" and "The Oasis" are here too.

Issue#10 (Summer, 1997).....This issue covers related developments in the new LIS movie as well as some unique photos sent to us via e mail of the new robot. Episode synopses of "The Sky is Falling" and "Wish Upon A Star" will be profiled along with very rare behind the scenes photos of the Lost in Space set after its cancellation in 1968.


Iss11.JPG (22118 bytes)

Issue#11 (Fall/Winter 1997)... Special Double issue..This is our biggest issue yet.
With everything about the new movie and tons of photos,a color front and back, a truly special issue.



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