Jupiter TWO Cockpit Props


Center Radar Console

Console in 1966 (left) and now (Right)

center2.jpg (8192 bytes)


In the photo to the left, we see the radar console as it was seen in the 1966 episode "Forbidden World". In the photo to the right we see it as it is today, in all it's original glory. Even the bulbs inside are thirty one year old original bulbs. The transformer powering the unit is date stamped 1959 and inside the unit are markings that Fox technicians made. The unit's construction is mainly masonite and plywood.


Corner Radar Console

Radar Screen in 1965(Left).......... and now(Right)


In the image to the left, we see the radar panel in an early 1965 promo shot (That's Mark Goddard's foot leaning on it. In the photo to the right, we see it as it is today. Its construction is one eighth inch sheet metal, while the knobs are surplus knobs that were covered with tape and sprayed gray. They were covered because they said "lights" on them. Apparently, these surplus knobs were left over from an auto production assembly line. Someone driving a 1962 Chevy Impala might have them too. The effect of the radar screen beam scanning is made by a fixed dithered image on a disk which simply spins and is backlit.


A True Now And Then



The above left photo is a still from Visit to A Hostile Planet. The above right photo is the same props at the same angle NOW. It's possible you might be saying, "hey, it wasn't green on TV". It was, but due to lighting and filtering, it always came across as a tannish color. If you look at "Space Vikings" when Will returns on the horse and Maureen leaves the cockpit area of the Jupiter 2 to greet him, you will see it is quite green.



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