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Okay, so you want to own an Original Lost In Space prop...right? Well, the following are all the props that are for sale in descending order of price. Please feel free to e mail us directly as to the purchase of any item. Warning, Warning!!!....Get permission from your spouse, buying an expensive Original Lost in Space prop without a spouse's knowledge can land you in big trouble!! Yes, as you scroll down the list, there will be more affordable items.  These are all original rare one of kind items. We will attempt in every way to give you peace of mind as to their authenticity. Being original Lost In Space Props, Prices are all NON-NEGOTIABLE.



ITEM #1 This "Programmer" seen here in "The Galaxy Gift", "Time Merchant," and "Kidnapped in Space." .It was actually a real piece of computing equipment called a programmer. The last photo is of   the Programmer today. Weight...Approx. 25 pounds. Price $3,695 plus delivery.




ITEM # 3 Prop from Captain Tucker's ship in "The Sky Pirate" This prop, which weighs in at 20 to 25 pounds is a real piece of equipment that was used to regulate propellant fuel into missles, rockets, etc....It was also used on "Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea". The last picture is of the prop today. Price for this unique item: $2,950 plus delivery.





 Item # 4  (Rack Panel)...This panel seen on the left(Second panel from top)in "Princess of Space" was used on many third season episodes. Originally manufactured on January 11, 1960, this was a missle launch controller panel. To the right is the panel as it is today. Price: $1,975 Plus Delivery.


Item # 5  Rack Panel.  These panels were mainly used in racks during the third season. Some of the racks after the Lost in Space, were spray painted black, including this one. for use in other sets.. With some elbow grease, you'll get it back to its original almond color. The first photo is as it is today. The other photos are from "Space Destructors" . Price $1,895 Plus Delivery.





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