June Lockhart Goes Back to the Jupiter 2


On Saturday, June 19th, June Lockhart came to Long Island to do a Photo Shoot on the original Jupiter 2 Flight deck for an  AP (Associated Press)/ENPS venture. She arrived at 10:30 that morning and was as gracious as could be imagined. She is a class act and took time to speak with me at length and  was simply wonderful towards my guests. Seeing her expression as she walked onto the flight deck for the first time since 1968 was at the very least, a moment that as a LIS fan, I could never have imagined.

In the early 1990's when I first began taking posession of the Jupiter 2 props, I thought that to be a major coup, until June 19th that is, when June Lockhart came in and  completed the fantasy.

After the shoot, we sat by my computer with it's cable modem and I took her on a tour of the various LIS related web sites. We also browsed through my photo archives  from LIS and back issues of The Alpha Centaurian.

I must say, Ms. Lockhart  has not aged, she also defines class and elegance.

What follows  are two personaly selected photos, many more will be published in the long delayed but finally ready (this summer) issue #12 of the Alpha Centaurian.
Want to fly the original Jupiter 2 also? Click here.

June3.jpg (47014 bytes)june4.jpg (38740 bytes)


The Finished Product


Junepromo.jpg (600030 bytes)




Top left, June Lockhart on original Jupiter 2 set in NY.
Top Right, Ms. Lockhart with Alpha Control's Jeff Story.

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