Prop, Props and more Props


In this section, almost everything we have accumulated will be showcased. It will be showcased as then and now photos. Some of the props here include instrumentation from Captain Tucker's Ship from "Space Pirate", the language translator from "Kidnapped in Space", panels from the Chariot, Space Pod, the Galley, as well as the seismic unit and tons of rack mounted panel units that were used in such episodes as "Space Destuctors", "Target Earth" and "Condemned of Space" and many many more. We feel that you really be amazed by what you see, so enjoy .We'll be adding pictures frequently, so stay tuned.

This page will now link you to other pages on our site where you can see the props you're interested in seeing instead of waiting for one humongous page to load.

Now And Then Pictures From The Jupiter 2


Pictures of the Jupiter 2 Cockpit then and now

Pictures of other props from the Jupiter 2 (Upper Level)

Pictures of props from the Jupiter 2 (Lower Level)

Pictures of props from the Jupiter 2 (Power Core)...................

Pictures of props from various LIS episodes............................




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