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An Analog to Biblical Times : Azovstal Steel Plant and Masada



A terrible analog might be brewing









April 21st, 2022  11:00 pm by Jeff Storobinsky  @jeffstorobinsky

A human catastrophe in the making. In Masada 73 to 74 CE (Common Era) 960 Jews committed suicide rather than be taken by the Romans
Will the good people held up in the steelworks factory ( a soviet era shelter built in the 1950s to protect the people from western nuclear attacks) follow the same fate?
Do they trust the Russians? No. Should they trust the Russians? No. Unless NATO forces  are there along with other international agencies then the answer should be and will be no; they will stay put. Like it has been stated; they are witnesses to history, each with a story to be told. Russia does not want living proof countering their narrative.


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